1. Q: What is the cost of a mould?
A: The cost of manufacturing injection moulds depends on a very large set of factors ranging from number of cavities, size of the parts (and therefore the mold), complexity of the pieces, expected tool longevity, surface finishes and many others.The initial cost is great, however the piece part cost is low, so with greater quantities the overall price decreases. With global competition, companies with an ISO-Quality system usually will have better pricing as they have streamed lined their processes and produce less defect.

2. Q: What is your standard quote lead time?
A: Quotation are provided within 48H receipt of RFQ.

3. Q: What is your standard mould design lead time? A: Our design lead time is 2-4 days for DFM report initial 2D design, then 3-5 days for 3D design upon approval of 2D design.

4. Q: What is your common lead time?
A: Our common lead time from design approval to T1 sampling is 4-8 weeks, depending on mold requirements and part complexity.

5. Q: What size mold you can manufacture? How many molds you can manufacture per month?
A: The biggest mold we have built so far is 15tons with dimension of 2.0mX1.5mX1.2m mold. Every month we can manufacture 20~25 sets of molds.

6. Q: Do you manufacture over mould, insert mould, double colored mould and gas assisted mould?
A: Yes, we have rich experiences and skillful techniques on those kinds of plastic injection moulds.

7. Q: Do you manufacture hot runner molds?
A: Yes, we do. We use DME, Syventive, HASCO, Mold Master and YUDO hot runner system.

8. Q: What type of drawing file is comfortable for you?

9. Q: What mould standards do you use when you design the moulds?
A: Usually we use DME, HASCO, PARKER, DAIDO, LKM standards. Of course we will design the moulds as per customer’s requirements.

10. Q: What steel do you usually use?
A: Usually we use IMPAX718, STAVAX136, ORVAR8407, Groditz 2344, PX88, NAK80, SKD61, H13, P20, 420, 420SS, etc .

11. Q: Will you provide spare parts for the damageable parts of the molds?
A: Yes, we will do upon customers’ requests.

12. Q: How often do you provide the progress reports to customers during manufacturing?
A: Weekly progress reports are sent by email.

13. Q: What are your trade terms?
A: We quote the price on the basis of FOB Shenzhen.

14. Q: What kind of payment do you accept?
A: For mold:
1. 50% for mould and 100% for hot runner Down payment with PO;
2. 30% upon presentation of parts from T1 sampling;
3. 20% upon approval to make parts or before shipping moulds.
B: For part:
1. 50% deposit with PO;
2. 50% before delivery parts.

15. Q: Are factory visits encouraged?
A: Yes, we welcome customers to visit our facility and we will assist them in obtaining the necessary Visa paperwork, travel plans, accommodations, etc.

Company Adress: Number 112,Xiangxi xinwei mountain Longhua Shenzhen
Customer Service Hotline:+86-755-27997282 Fax:0755-27997318