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E-Mold Plastic Technology (SZ) Limited (EMP for short),specialized in manufacturing all kinds of precision and complicated plastic injection mold, die-casting molds (Zinc ally and magnesium alloy),precision injection molding, assembly ,and other one-stop supporting services.

We also provide one-stop high-quality service for masses of high-end customers, like injection molding, painting and silk-screen, electronic product assembly and other supporting services. The market is for automotive, aerospace, transportation, IT, medical instruments, communication and household electrical appliances and other industries. Designing and manufacturing high, medium and low tonnage molds, to provide high precision injection molds and one-stop services; At the same time, our R&D team is constantly developing our own independent intellectual property rights of high-tech electronic products.

EMP has considerable influence in Shenzhen. The company’s founder Mr. Gavin Fung as an important member of the Shenzhen Machinery Mold Industry Association, enjoys a high reputation and respect. EMP is one of the large-scale enterprises and key enterprises in the Longhua New District, especially EMP are the government key support object.

EMP implement high starting point, high quality, low price service factory policy, imported hundreds of representatives of international advanced levels of mold manufacturing, Coordinate Measurement Machine inspection, precision injection molding machines and other advanced equipment (including OPS、DMG、FANUC、Okuma with speed 3-axis machining and 5-axis CNC machining, Sodick WEDM, Sodick EDM, LK three-dimensional coordinates of the detector from UK, precision injection molding machines from Japan etc.),to designing and manufacturing various kind of precision injection molds more than 1000 sets per year, injection molding capacity reach 4500 tons per year. EMP’s injection production workshop has 10000 square meters, process various types of electrical products, the comprehensive production capacity reach 2 million pieces per year.

Now EMP main customers are Huawei, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Bosch, Airbus, Land Rover, ZTE, P&G, Boeing, Siemens and other famous enterprises to provide direct or indirect mold manufacturing and injection molding.

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Company Address: Number 112, Xiangxi xinwei mountain industrial zone of Mission hills, Longhua new district,Shenzhen

Company Adress: Number 112,Xiangxi xinwei mountain Longhua Shenzhen
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